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The Measure of Unity

Taken from a recent editorial in the Spur Ottawa magazine. Ottawa is experiencing an unprecedented level of unity among congregations of every stripe and style. It makes me proud to live here and proud of the Church. Truly, we are experiencing the blessing promised to those who commit to the “unity of the Spirit”. Recently,

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Developing the Model

Easter 2016: A couple of years ago someone challenged me with the statement “But there really aren’t any significant stories about city-wide unity in Canada, are there?” My reaction at the time was to list some fairly remarkable stories of groups that I personally knew were doing great things together for the Kingdom in their communities

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Africa Report – July 2015

It was the dream of a lifetime to wake up to the fragrance of an African morning on my first day in Malawi.  After over 50 years, I was back in the land of my birth.  Here’s my report … Malawi – Land of my Childhood This chance to spend 6 days in my land

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About Love Ottawa

Let me tell you a little bit about the city-reaching movement in my own city.  Actually a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at this Prezi below.  Once you click on it, you just keep using the “arrow” bar to move through the whole presentation.  It’s a cool way to present

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Unity: Nicety or Necessity

One of the worst possible kinds of treatment is when an idea is dismissed as “nice”. It’s the same fate as the wonderful concept of “world peace”. Even perhaps the same as thinking it would be nice if the kids just all got along. Sadly, so many Christians have the same attitude to churches getting

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Unity Must Have A Purpose

One of the big points that is made in the book “To Transform Your City” by Eric Swanson and Sam Williams, is that unity in the Church must be unto a purpose.  Unity for unity’s sake will eventually get stale and breakdown.  I have seen this many times over the last 20 years in cities

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